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Split Survival Kit

Finding out that your parents are splitting up can feel scary and upsetting. It can also be hard to know who you can talk to about it. But you are NOT alone. Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin is here to guide you on this journey with 10 simple steps that will help you to feel calmer, stronger, confident and more positive about the future.

From acceptance and resilience, to communication and compassion towards other people, this book will help you tackle the tricky situations that a divorce can bring, and answer some of the questions going through your head.

The Split Survival Kit – 10 steps for coping with your parent’s separation

By Dr Angharad Rudkin & Ruth Fitzgerald

(Wren and Rook 2022)

You can purchase your copy HERE


Who's Behind The Blog

Clinical Psychologist
Dr Angharad Rudkin MA (Oxon)

Director of Training OnlyMums & Dads


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