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Welcome to OnlyMums & Dads Training

Understanding The Impact of Separation And Divorce On Children

Led by our Director of Training, Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin, we offer a range of courses, including our flagship ‘What About Henry?’ training, now completed by over 293 professionals.  The courses are all science-led and provide evidence-based and relevant findings in a focused and grounded way.






With over 20 years experience of working with children and their parents around complex family difficulties, Angharad brings unique clinical experience and psychological knowledge to the area of family law. Having worked at the University of Southampton for 12 years, Angharad

provides a bridge between academic research and practice, interpreting up to date research findings for professionals working with families.

Who are the courses for?

All those who work with separating families -family lawyers, barristers, family mediators, volunteers, divorce coaches, financial advisors, paralegals, magistrates, social workers, therapists, counsellors and all other allied professionals.



Making it affordable 

As a Social Enterprise it is our mission to make all our training as accessible as possible. We offer significant discounts to the self-employed and charities and other specific groups.

Current Training Progamme

What About Henry's Training Badge

'What About Henry?' 6 x 60 minutes, live online training, 8 hours learning. Details HERE.

Understanding Trauma - Short Course
Neurodiversity - What Does It Actually Mean?

Understanding Trauma  60 minutes, live online training, 2 hours learning. Details HERE.

Neurodiversity - What Does It Mean? 60 minutes, live online training, 2 hours learning. Details HERE.

A Social Enterprise Supporting Parents And Professionals With Separation And Divorce Resources

Bringing Science To Separation 

So Children Can Flourish


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